Pitney Bowes is one of the leading franking machine and mail room solutions provider in the UK. They are Royal Mail approved so Pitney Bowes franking machine users can expect to enjoy the benefits that Royal Mail gives to its special franking clients. Here is a summary of their franking machines.

Up to 20 letters per day


The DM50 is an integrated franking machine and weighing scale. It is small and compact and can sit on any desk. You can be sure that there will be no wires around your office. You can save 3-5p for every mail that you send. If you send letters or parcels abroad, your discounts are even greater. You also have access to special services such as special deliveries which are also discounted.

You’ll never have to leave the office again to buy stamps because you can buy postage by phone. The download is a quick and simple process so you can get instant credits in your machine.

With this machine, you will always know the exact weight of your mails. You don’t need to put an extra stamp to be sure. You can save yourself from the embarrassment of having your customers pay for the balance of your mail so that they can receive the letter you send.

The water-based ink is easy to use and great for the environment. You can use your DM50 to make your mails professional looking. You can also use your mails as an advertisement. This machine comes with 5 standard messages. You can make customized slogans through their website.

Rate changes are easy to download. Just push a button and you are good to go. Plugging your machine into any phone line will allow you to check your credits, top up your machine and download software updates.

The average price of the DM50 is £1,020 depending on your supplier.


The DM55 has the same features as the DM50. It just has a few upgrades such as manual weight entry and text entry. It also supports up to 10 accounts. It has an incoming mail stamp capability. Please see this article for a more detailed comparison of the two franking machine models.

The average price of this machine is £1,315 depending on the supplier.

Up to 75 letters per day


The DM160i is a digital SMART franking machine. It uses the latest technology. It works quietly and efficiently. It can process letters up to 9.5mm thick. Its weighing platform can weigh packages up to 2.5kg.

There’s no training involved with this machine. You can start right away. It has 5 presets for the most common jobs in your office. It can keep track and report on 25 accounts. You can now plan your budgets accordingly.

The price of the DM160i is not available widely as they differ from one supplier to another but be prepared to pay for an extra £123 for extra charges such as ink cartridges, labels and other fees.


The DM220i is another SMART franking machine. It is compact and easy to use. It can fit easily on your desk. You can minimize postage costs without compromising efficiency. It is a very reliable machine. It has all the functions of the DM160i plus a few extras.

This machine can process 45 letters per minute. It can support 100 accounts. It has a 5kg integrated weighing platform and features differential weighing.

Like the DM160i, the price of this machine varies from supplier to supplier but the extra charges also amount to around £123.


The DM300c is a SMART franking machine that is very easy to use even in the busiest small business. It can process up to 65 letters per minute. Your productivity will definitely increase with this machine. It will be one of the best assets in your company.

This machine automates feeding, franking, sealing and stacking of envelopes. It’s simple but boasts of advanced capabilities. It can support up to 100 accounts. You can keep track of each of your accounts in great detail.

The pricing depends on the supplier and the extras that you might want to purchase with the machine but typically, this model costs over £1,000.

Up to 500 letters per day


The Connect+1000 digital SMART franking machine is a highly specialized machine. It provides the user with a suite of applications that further enhances mail processing and cost efficiency. You can use your machine to request for a service or consult a PB operator using the e-chat function. You can also browse rates for package and parcel shipments using this machine. It has powerful reporting capabilities.

You can easily get a quote online to get the exact price of this machine or you can go to a comparison website to get the best prices.


The DM400c has a digital meter that adheres to all current postal regulations. It has a flexible technology, perfect for the growing business. You will have no problems expanding your customer base or increasing your direct mailing campaigns as this machine can handle it.

The average price of this machine is £6,200 depending on the supplier.


The DM450c is another digital SMART franking machine. It links you to a range of special mail services through the Intellilink software. It can automatically feed, seal, frank and stack your mail. It can process up to 120 letters per minute. It can handle envelopes up to 8mm thick. It can also monitor multiple accounts. It is a good mid-volume mail franking machine.

You can easily get prices through free online quotes.


This digital SMART franking machine makes getting the mail out the door fast and easy. You can process mixed mails with just one button with this machine. It has 10 job presets and a QWERTY keyboard. It also has a full color display. It’s a small machine that works quietly.

This machine automatically feeds, seals and prints your mail. It can process up to 120 letters per minute and can handle an envelope up to 8mm thick. You can track up to 300 postage accounts and print reports. It also gives you access to a number of PB special applications.

Over 500 letters per day


The Connect+2000 is a digital SMART franking machine that is also an effective advertising tool as it prints your logo, images and marketing messages in full color in high resolution. Now you don’t have to pay a premium for pre-printed envelopes. You can do that and frank your letters at the same time with the Connect+2000.

It features a coloured display screen. It can churn out up to 7,000 letters per hour. It also has a suite of applications that give you more value for your money.

You can also get a free pricing quote online but be prepared to shell out an additional £200+ for extras.


This digital SMART franking machine turns each envelope into a powerful advertising tool that can generate revenue. It features a 1,200 dpi HP powered inkjet printer. It can print in full colour or black and of course, the postal-compliant red.

It features a touch-screen display, on-screen tutorials and job presets. Now that’s productivity for you!

As for the price, try a comparison website to get the best deal out of your money.

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