The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 franking machine is built for the business that sends 500 letters per day.


  • You can choose from 5, 7, 12, 35kg weighing scales
  • 300 accounts
  • Drop and power stacker
  • Postal black and white, blue, process colour
  • 1200 dpi
  • Can handle 19mm thick envelopes

Optional features

  • Differential weighing
  • 3000 accounts
  • Barcode scanner
  • External USB report printer

General Information

Enjoy working on the full colour touchscreen that comes in 10.2 or 15 inches. Operators can easily see all the functions in the home screen. The operating system is apps based so users can easily pick out the function that they need. Functions include:

  • Connect with Pitney Bowes
  • Buy supplies
  • Connect with Royal Mail
  • Apps for marketing campaigns
  • Parcels
  • News and offers

It has a self-adhesive tape dispenser for large packages. The power stacker can process up to 600 letters in a single run.

You can print in black or full colour. You can print promotional messages, slogans, logos, return address, etc. on your envelopes. Your mails will definitely attract some attention. Did you know that colourful envelopes with targeted messages are likely to be opened and read? Direct marketers have known this for years but it’s only with recent technology that we are able to take advantage of this knowledge. You can use the MyGraphics Desginer tool to create and save coupons, messages, ads, etc. in minutes. Now you don’t have to buy and stock on expensive pre-printed envelopes. You can print them as you need them making your budget go further. You can also save on waste by printing coupons and vouchers directly on your envelopes.

You can monitor your expenditure by client or department. You can budget appropriately for each at the start of the month and review their performance by the end of the month by generating reports. Your machine is password protected so you can be sure that only authorized personnel can access your credits. You can access financial data and review the performance of your operators or workstations. You can export the data with the use of a USB memory stick for further analysis.

Prices and Dealers

You have to contact Pitney Bowes and other Royal Mail approved suppliers to get an accurate quote for the Connect+ 3000. This is a complete franking system that requires a bit of investment on your part so you have to be sure that you need this in your office. You can expect the starting price to be around £15,000. You can inquire about rental rates (starts at £400 per month) and ask for free product demonstrations.

You also have to consider these running costs when you purchase:

  • Ink cartridges
  • Labels
  • Service and support agreements (yearly as prescribed by Royal Mail)
  • Installation (usually free for this model)
  • Logo and return address
  • Credit refills
  • Royal Mail updates


If you purchase this equipment, it only means that you send a lot of letters and parcels daily. That translates to tons of savings from the post office. You get huge discounts for 1st and 2nd class mails and will have access to special services. You can also have free supplies delivered to your doorstep. You can ask the post office to pick up your mail so you don’t have to commute all the way there and fall in line anymore. With these savings, you can easily take back your initial investment. The machine practically pays for itself.

You can keep track of everything that’s going on in your mailroom and improve productivity. You will also make more effective sales and marketing campaigns. The Connect+ 3000 saves you time, money, energy and boosts your bottom line. It is an investment that keeps on giving for years and years to come.

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