The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 is a franking machine built for businesses that send 500 letters per day.


  • Your choice of 5, 7, 12 or 35kg weighing scale
  • 50 accounts
  • Drop or power stacker
  • Print colours – black and white, postal blue, process colour
  • 180 letters per minute
  • Can handle 16mm thick envelopes

Optional features

  • Differential weighing
  • 2,000 accounts
  • Barcode scanner
  • External USB report printer

General Information

The Connect+ 1000 features a color touchscreen that makes all functions easily accessible to the operator. The keyboard is screen-based so data entry is fast and simple. You can also use the stylus. An on-screen help is also available and if you have more questions, e-chat provides you with instant support.

You can visit the Royal Mail website to complete admin mailing tasks. Postage is always accurate with this machine. Information is managed more effectively making your mailroom a highly efficient unit.

If you are a direct marketer, you’d know that a powerful envelope makes all the difference. Now you can apply that same firepower to your everyday letters. You can transform your statements even bills and invoices into dynamic marketing opportunities that create a stronger relationship with your customers. You can now print discount vouchers and messages that create a sense of urgency on your envelopes. You can print teasers to make your customers open your mail faster. You can even print customized graphical ads to add more impact to your message.

You can closely monitor who is using your credits because the franking system is PIN protected. You can manage funds, allocate them to the right budget line or department. You can be assured that you are paying the correct amount of postage every time.

Prices and Dealers

If you need to know the exact price of the Connect+ 1000, you need to ask for a quote directly from Pitney Bowes or any other Royal Mail approved suppliers. This system is not cheap but it will really work wonders in your mailroom. Compare packages and ask about freebies or starter packs.

You should also ask about running costs such as ink cartridges, labels and service and support agreements. Royal Mail requires all franking machine users to have their equipment checked annually. You should also inquire about the fees for logos and return addresses, topping up and rate changes. Some suppliers give these services for free.


This model gives you access to a suite of apps that make your everyday load lighter. You can order ink online and track parcels. You can top up your credits and automatically download rate changes.

You can boost your bottom line just by sending colourful envelopes that catch your customers’ attention. You can print promotional offers that make your customers act now. You can even rent out the space on your envelope to create a new revenue stream.

You can get discounts from first and second class mails. Pitney Bowes gives you access to special post office services. You can request for free supplies from the post office and have them delivered to you. You can have your mail picked up at the end of the day so you don’t need to commute and fall in line.

The Connect+1000 is a sound investment that will give you years and years of benefits and improve your cash flow and sales.

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