When it comes to mailroom solutions, Neopost is one of the most popular brands among home, small and large businesses. They manufacture award-winning franking machines. One of the most popular models of franking machines that they offer is the Neopost IS-350.

The Neopost IS-350 is very easy and convenient to use. It works quietly and is designed to work smoothly with your office processes. With this machine, you can process your mails efficiently.

Standout Features

The IS-350 features state-of-the-art technology. That combined with powerful online services makes your machine the best to meet your demanding mailroom needs.

The postage meter of this machine combines with business Apps to manage your mailing operations better and at the same time control costs.

It has a built in 3kg weighing platform. You can easily choose rates using the Rate Wizard. It features differential weighing so you can weigh several letters at once. Processing parcels is also easy. Just weigh the package and feed a label into the machine and it prints all the necessary details. The IS-350 also comes with an automatic sealer so no need to get your hands dirty sealing your envelopes.

With this machine, you can experience significant savings from Royal Mail’s wide range of services. You can send any number of letters or parcels and you will get discounts. Just make sure to apply the proper format to your mails according to Royal Mail’s standards. With these savings, you can easily recoup the cost of your franking machine. You can also use your savings to expand your operations.

Topping up credits is a breeze with the neoFunds App. You can also view your details online through myNeopost.

Give your mails a professional touch. Now you don’t have to send tacky handwritten letters. With this machine’s clear and crisp printing, you will be proud to send your mail even to your most valuable client.

Quick Specifications

Speed                                  40 letters per minute

Envelope thickness        9.5mm

Orientation                        Portrait or Landscape

Memory                             Up to 9 job presets


Slogans                                8 standard with 2 open


PIN enabled

Date stamp for incoming mail


Account Reporting

10 departmental control (can be upgraded to 100)

myneopost SERVICES

Alerts user for low ink levels

Remote diagnostic

Postage usage reports that are archived for 13 months


The IS-350 starts at £3,000 depending on your supplier. To compare prices today, simply fill out the form above.

If you are looking for a reliable machine to help boost your productivity, the IS-350 is perfect for you. It will help you run your office smoothly. It is a compact powerhouse that makes processing mails simple and accurate.

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