An entry level and one of the cheapest franking machines from Neopost – the IS280 franking machine. It has a unique design built with powerful technology. It has sophisticated features all housed in one compact machine.


First of all, you get high quality digital printing so your mails look clean, crisp and professional. You can store up to 10 custom slogans to make your mails more appealing to your clients. You can include your company name, special messages and other marketing slogans on your envelope.

The machine comes with an integrated 2kg scale. It is loaded with all of Royal Mail’s inland and international postal rates so you always get the exact price for each service that you use. The weighing scale will set the machine to the correct value so you don’t have to worry over under-stamping or over-stamping.  You also don’t have to be a postal expert as the on-screen rate wizard will do all the computation for you.

The IS280 franking machine is very easy to use. Shortcut keys are available so you don’t have to push multiple buttons for your daily tasks.

If you need to update your machine, all you need is a LAN connection and you can easily and quickly download the latest rates from Royal Mail or any software upgrades for your machine.

Your machine is PIN protected to prevent unauthorized use. You can also group your accounts by department to easily keep track of each one. You can save up to 10 departments in this machine and you can generate accounting reports for each one.

Pricing and Dealers

The IS280 costs £1,250 if you get it directly from Neopost. There is also a price of £277 for the annual care service which also protects you from rising postal rates. If you want to rent you can do so for only £55 per month for a 5-year leasing contract. More on renting deals here. To compare prices of similar machines, simply fill out the form at the top to receive free, no obligation quotations.


With a Neopost franking machine, you can have a myneopost account which allows you to analyze your postage expenses, order supplies and gives you access to different Neopost online services.

Aside from myneopost, you will also have a neoFunds account which allows you to download postage when you run out and pay in arrears. This will help improve your monthly budget and cash flow.

You will also automatically get a discount on every piece of mail that you send. You get 7p on First Class mails and 8p on Second Class mails.

You will always get the exact rates with the IS280 so you avoid costly charges for franking mistakes. You no longer have to go to the Post Office to fall in line. No more running out of stamps when you need them the most. You can top up your credits anytime, any day of the year in the convenience of your office. The IS280 is the perfect equipment for your growing business.



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