Frama is a leading supplier of franking machines in Europe. The Frama Matrix F2 is one of the most popular franking machines among small to medium businesses. This machine is made in Switzerland and has passed strict quality control standards.
The Frama Matrix F2 is best for small to medium post volumes. It has 18 one-touch keys so all your frequently used jobs can be accessed with just one touch. It features an instant tariff selection so you don’t have to memorize them.
The user platform is a patented technology called ComTouch. It is an intuitive user platform that is very user-friendly.
When you first purchase a machine, what do you usually do? You take out the manual and read it. With the Matrix F2, forget about the manual. It has a built-in user guide that will help you process your mail step-by-step. You also don’t need postage tables as the machine has them all saved for you. If you need to send letters outside of UK, the tariff calculations make franking easy
The Matrix F2 has a precise weighing scale that fits the machine both electronically and visually. There are no bulky or awkward parts in this machine making it a perfect fixture in your office.
The machine is protected by a PIN so you can control the usage of your credits. You know exactly who has access to the machine so you won’t be shocked when you see the monthly mailing reports. You can set a realistic budget and stick to it. The machine has a default rate setting so you avoid accidental mis-postings.
For postal rate updates, software downloads and logo downloads, you can connect your machine securely to a server. You can update your machine with Royal Mail’s latest rates as soon as they come out. Your machine will always be in tiptop shape because its software is always updated.
This machine is a smart machine built for the future. It can print barcodes for easy letter and package tracing. Finally, this machine will give your mails a first class impression with its inkjet technology that delivers crisp, 600 dpi HG quality prints.
Quick specs:
Speed 25 letters /minute
Scale 2kg with 5kg or 15kg platform options
Envelope DL, C4, C5 with maximum thickness of 10mm
Manual feed; left eject
Cost Center upgrade 100
Ink Cartridge £85.95 for 4,000 prints without logo
Franking labels £32.99
Royal Mail updates £50 each
Top up fees for postage £49.95
If you are looking for a franking machine that is no-fuss and gets the job done fast, look no further than the Frama Matrix F2. To find the best deals simply fill out the quotation form above.

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