Frama has been supplying offices and companies with excellent mailroom solutions for over 20 years. Their over 11,000 customers trust them because of their transparent pricing and value for money as well as their excellent customer service and professionalism. If you come face to face with a Frama salesman, you will not experience high pressure selling but he will give you a very informative product demonstration. You will definitely see the level of technical expertise of the Frama group.

One of their franking machines is the Ecomail which is very popular among small businesses either for purchase or for rent. You can choose from two colors – anthracite (gray/silver) or blue.

The Ecomail comes with a patented touchscreen called  ComTouch. Just touch a job, feed the envelope and it prints in seconds. It is comfortable and quick to use. You can also use the ComTouch to change your slogan. The programmable One-Touch keys allow you to save all your regular jobs making your work faster and easier.

Frama also introduces EcoFill. With the Ecomail, you can use rechargeable ribbon cassettes. You become not only environment-friendly with this machine, you save some money as well with more prints per ribbon.

This machine is equipped with a SMART meter so you can use VAT applied services. This machine also saves daily postal rates and even some international rates for quick access.

It can frank letters up to 8mm thick. You can also use franking labels for bigger parcels. It comes with a 2kg platform.

If you are concerned about credit usage, this machine is PIN protected so you can control your mailing budget more efficiently. It has a default rate setting so mis-posting can be avoided. It comes with 2 standard cost centres.

Connect our Ecomail to a secure server to download postal rate changes, customized company logos and software updates.

Quick Specifications

Scale                                     2kg with optional 5 or 15kg platforms

Speed                                  20 letters/minute

Envelopes                          C4, C5, DL; 8mm thick

Hand fed and ejected to the left


The starting price of the Ecomail is £2,000 depending on your supplier. Aside from that, there are other expenses that you should prepare for such as ink cartridges which start at £20, franking labels at £17, Royal Mail updates which are £50 each and top up fee which is also £50. You should also keep in mind the service and support costs and the customized logo and return address costs. All these extra expenses vary prices from supplier to supplier.

If you want a fuss-free, user-friendly franking machine that improves your company productivity and at the same time give you huge savings from Royal Mail, check out the Frama Ecomail.    To compare prices of the ecomail, simply fill out the above quotation, to receive bespoke quotation based on your needs.

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