The optimail 25/35 is for small to medium businesses that have mid-volume mail requirements on a day-to-day basis.


Optimail 25 (low mail volumes)

  • 6 adverts
  • Electronic Text Messaging
  • 3 Accounts facilities
  • 10 Postage Settings
  • Thermal printing
  • Blue

Optimail 35 (medium mail volumes)

  • 6 Adverts
  • Electronic Text Messaging
  • 9 Accounts facilities
  • 10 Postage Settings
  • 3 kg Integrated Scale
  • Optional Infoprint
  • Thermal printing
  • Silver


General Information

 These machines use state-of-the-art technology and advanced functionality. They make the perfect office companion as they are extremely easy to use. They are compact so you save space. This model has won the iF Product Design Award so it is both form and function.

The high quality thermal printer makes crystal clear company advertisements and customized slogans. You can quickly load new advertising messages when you need them. Now your letters will truly stand out from the competition.

The big back-lit display makes these models unique among other franking machines. The controls are also simplified so you get the job done faster.

Prices and Dealers

FP does not advertise their prices much so the best way to get the exact prices of these machines is to request for a quote. You can also get these from other suppliers. Just be sure that they are Royal Mail approved so you can enjoy the benefits of franking. They also offer different packages and sometimes even discounts and freebies. You can also ask for starter packs so you can save some money.

You can also use a website comparison site. Just fill up the simple form above and we will give you the 3 best suppliers in your area.

Other costs associated with owning this equipment are ink cartridges, labels, Royal Mail updates, logo and return address and top up fees. There is also the installation cost and service agreement. Running costs for these machines range from £470 – £670 per year.


The main benefit of owning this kind of machine is convenience. You don’t have to run to the post office to get ahead of the line. You also avoid making mistakes such as over stamping or under stamping which require you to pay an additional fee. The system will automatically download the latest rates and apply them to the appropriate items.

Save time when buying credits. Just push a button and you are done. Download software updates in minutes. Infoprint gives you access to accounting tools.

You will also get discounts for your first and second class letters and parcels just by franking. You can save up to 21% compared to regular stamps. You also have access to special services.

If you have bulk mail, you can request the post office to pick them up in your office. You can also ask them to deliver free supplies (bags, trays, etc. ) to you.

You may think that your mailroom is only an expense. With this equipment, you will surely think twice. Produce revenue-generating communications in minutes and see your bottom line grow. With its accounting facility, you will improve your cash flow and budget appropriately. You can manage your business with ease because you don’t have to worry about the small things such as preparing the mail.


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