The Centormail line is designed for businesses that send high volume mails of 500 and up.


  • 150 letters per minute
  • 5kg integrated scale
  • 20mm max thickness
  • 15 advertisements
  • 20 job memories
  • 300 departmental accounts
  • Inkjet printer
  • Label dispenser
  • Serial interface
  • SMS capability up to 5 lines of 20 characters each
  • Names for ads and department accounts
  • Chipcard advertisement updating
  • Chipcard authorisation access
  • Teleset credit loading
  • Digital Connectivity through FPConnect
  • SMART meter
  • Optional 1kg dynamic scale; sealing unit; power stacker; mailreport multi-carrier accounting software

General Information

The Centormail line includes the models 240 and 300. These are high performance machines that can handle mixed mail items. You can buy the basic model and grow it from there according to your requirements. You can add a sealing unit, an additional scale, automatic feeder, postage accounting software and other add-ons.

The unique vertical feeder can accommodate different envelope sizes and thickness. You don’t have to adjust the equipment. Just feed it and it will automatically adjust itself. You can put 300 envelopes at once with the feed deck enlargement. After the job is done it will automatically seal the envelopes

This line features a dynamic scale that has a speed of 60 letters per minute. It detects envelope formats, weight and thickness. The power stacker will then stack the finished letters neatly. You can remove the envelopes without the need to stop the unit.

The clear organized display allows you to see the procedures and accounts you are using without any difficulty. The system will display the complete information about the letter you are franking with just a touch of a button. The information will include applicable postage, the advertisement you’ve chosen and even your available credits.

These are SMART machines so you can be VAT compliant and get your VAT refunds.

There is no need to find an analogue connection as these models come with a modem. You can be online in an instant and refill your credits any time through the secure Teleset system.

If you have very thick envelopes or packages that can’t fit the machine, you can just print labels. Enter the number of labels that you need and the machine will do the rest.

There is a storage unit for supplies underneath the franking system so your workstations are always neat and organized.

You can protect your machine from unauthorized use as you need a master card to control all functions. You can give select staff some optional user cards that are assigned with pre-determined accounts so they can use the machine.

Prices and Dealers

You need to request for a quote directly from FP as they do not advertise their prices. You can also get this from other Royal Mail approved suppliers. The prices vary. Some suppliers also have special offers and packages. Some even offer starter kits and free services.

You need to have your equipment serviced yearly as prescribed in your license to frank. Other costs include ink cartridges, labels, Royal Mail updates, logo and return address and the service agreement fees.


As an FP customer, you have access to the multi-carrier postage accounting software. Manage and track postage by department with ease. Generate clear reports on credit consumption for any given period. You can also monitor 4 other franking machines with this feature.

Aside from the obvious benefits like improving productivity, you are also entitled to discounts from the post office. All first and second class franked letters and parcels are discounted up to 21%. Franking customers are also entitled to some special services. You can have your bulk mails picked up from your office or request for supplies to be delivered to you free of charge.

Be sure to get your unit from an approved supplier so you can enjoy all these benefits. This machine will easily pay for itself so you can be sure that you are making a good investment.


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