If you are a big company that sends 500 or more letters per day, the DM400C is for you.


  • 95 letters per minute
  • Automatic tape dispenser for parcels and oversized items
  • 8 mm thick envelopes
  • Seal only or no seal mode
  • Water level indicator
  • Auto dating
  • Low postage funds warning
  • Low ink warning
  • 5 job presets
  • Password protection
  • 25 accounts
  • 20 internal ad storage
  • Date and time stamping

General Information

You don’t need to undergo training or waste several hours reading a manual to be able to operate the DM400C. It is very easy to use as all controls are clearly set on the control panel. There are user-friendly instructions to guide the user through each processing stage. Even if you are new to franking, you will find it a breeze to use this machine. You can even save your 5 most commonly used jobs so you only have to press one button.

You can frank and seal your envelopes at the same time, speeding up your work. For oversized mails, you can use the tape dispenser.

The system will automatically apply the correct date. This eliminates misdating. You can also advance the date automatically to start working on tomorrow’s pile.

You can also efficiently handle your incoming mail with the time and date stamping feature. Record mail as they arrive.

With IntelliLink technology common tasks such as topping up your credits and downloading Royal Mail updates are easy to accomplish.

Common Problems

Pitney Bowes has a list of error codes in their website. If you encounter any of these, they website lists what they are and teach you how to troubleshoot them. Aside from that, they have a separate page for other troubleshooting tips. Do not open your equipment. Let the experts handle it if you can’t. This will save you a lot of headaches and major costs in the future. Another issue with this brand is connectivity. Some customers have a hard time connecting to PB online. This is very simple to remedy.

Prices and Dealers
The price of this system differs from supplier to supplier. You can get it for around £6,000. You can also rent it for £160 per month. The usual contract is 5 years. Be sure to find a Royal Mail approved supplier.

Other costs to keep in mind are ink cartridges (£99.95), labels (£19.95) and maintenance agreement (£199). Some suppliers will also charge you for topping up your machine and downloading rate updates.


You will eliminate costly mistakes such as over stamping and under stamping. The DM400C will automatically weigh and apply the correct rate on each mailing item. If you have large parcels, there are optional weighing scales from 5kg to 35kg.

Strengthen your image by applying logos, a return address, and customized messages on your envelopes. You can also personalize your campaigns according to your customer niche. You can print special coupons, offers and discounts that will immediately catch your customer’s attention. The probability that your mail will be opened is higher.

Information management is critical in any organization. Customer information should be handled well. This is possible with this equipment. You can keep track of 25 client accounts or departments. If you need more, you can add up to 300. You can view reports and compare their performances. Spot trends as they happen or repair problem areas immediately.

As a franking customer, you get discounts from the post office. Your first and second class letters are all discounted. You are also entitled to discounts for some of their special services as well. You can also request for supplies to be delivered to your office free of charge.

This is a good investment that will make you earn and save money at the same time. Experience the difference that DM400C makes in your mailroom today.


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