The Pitney Bowes DM300c franking machine is a time saver and a cost saver. It offers users fast and accurate mail processing.  It features the IntelliLink technology where you can refill your credits with only one touch and download postal rate changes and software updates.  Processing up to 65 letters per minute this is a franking machine for a medium volume, and is able to automatically seal the envelopes during the franking process.

This machine is very easy to use. All controls can be found on the control panel that also has user-friendly instructions. You don’t need formal training or waste hours reading a manual to operate this machine. You can get a step-by-step guide from the machine itself.

This franking machine has an integrated 5kg weighing platform. You don’t need a separate scale to process your mails. You save time and space. You can have an optional 7 to 35kg weighing platform for bigger mails. This machine is capable of differential weighing. That means you can process mixed mails quickly and efficiently. The machine will correctly calculate the postage value of each mail as soon as you remove them from the pile.

The DM300c allows you to seal and frank your envelopes at the same time so you get a professional-looking envelope. Larger mails are processed with tape strips from the one-touch tape dispenser. You can also save your 5 most commonly used job functions. The machine features a QWERTY keyboard for easier text message typing. It has an envelope sealer. All these features cut your mail preparation time so you have more time to focus on more important things.

If you want to get a head start on tomorrow’s mail, you can advance the date on your machine. You can also process your incoming mail with this machine so no more messy ink pads or manual stamping. You can record mail as they arrive.

A company can easily go overboard with its mailing expenses. The DM300c franking machine helps you control your expenses. You can track up to 100 departments or client accounts with this machine. You can print reports or export them to your PC for further review.

Your mails are important pieces of advertisement and you can use them to strengthen your brand. Turn your mails into eye-catching adverts with inkjet printing that gives your brand a professional image. You can print your logo, a customized slogan or your return address for targeted and effective mailing.  You can use the QWERTY keyboard to input your special message on your letters.

The DM300c is built for the modern mailroom. It incorporates a list of functions and features that make processing heavy mail work a breeze. To compare prices from leading suppliers please fill out the quotation request form above,




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