The Pitney Bowes 220i franking machine is designed for small organizations that send 75 letters per day.


  • 45 letters per minute
  • 5kg integrated weighing scale
  • 9.5mm thick envelopes
  • Optional 7, 12 or 35kg weighing scale
  • Differential weighing
  • Sealer
  • Date and time stamp
  • 100 accounts
  • 5 job presets
  • Account, meter and postage reports
  • LAN connection

General Information

This is a compact unit that operates quietly in the background so it does not disturb your regular office processes. It does not require any fancy installations and a specialist operator. When your machine arrives, plug it then follow the instructions on the screen. The control panel will guide you through each step of franking your letters. You can save your commonly used jobs so you only need to press one button instead of a combination of buttons whenever you need them. Protect your machine and your credits from unauthorized persons with the PIN protection.

Don’t worry if you regularly have heavy packages to process. You can choose from different optional weighing platforms. You don’t need to sort your letters with the system’s mixed mail processing feature. You will surely get the correct rate for each one.

You don’t have to wait in line to top up your credits. You can do that online or via phone. As your equipment is always connected to Pitney Bowes, you can be sure to get Royal Mail updates as they come.

INVIEW is a web-based reporting tool that allows you to do a multitude of things such as see graphical analysis of your accounts, extract information, view postage expenses, monitor spending, keep track of 100 accounts, identify trends, cross charge between accounts, accurately charge clients and identify future savings.

Send out targeted and personalized mails using the slogan feature. Your mails will surely stand out from the pile of letters your customers receive.

Prices and Dealers

The model is usually priced at £2,900 although it still depends on the supplier. It is available from Pitney Bowes and other Royal Mail approved suppliers. Watch out for suppliers that give special promos, packages and free services so you can save money. Pitney Bowes regularly has some special offers on their website.

You can also rent this for only £89 per month.

Other costs to budget for are ink cartridges, labels and service and support agreements. You need to have your equipment serviced and inspected annually for compliance. Other services that may require payment include installation, Royal Mail updates, credit top ups and logo and return address. Some vendors will give these services for free.


Your system comes with an integrated sealing unit so you don’t have to buy expensive self-sealing envelopes. You will extend your postal budget by reducing the need to buy mailing supplies. Improve your cash flow further with Postage Power that gives you 55 days of free credits with its post now, pay later scheme.

This model is Energy Star compliant. It enters a low power sleep mode when not in use so you can save on your energy bills.

Conveniently prepare your parcels and packages in-house and ask Royal Mail to pick them up. They can also deliver free supplies to your office.

You can save up to 21% on your first and second class mails and you can even access special services from the post office just because you have a Pitney Bowes system.

With this franking system, you not only boost productivity in your mailroom. You can stay ahead of the competition and improve your market share by using impressive marketing communications.



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