The DM160i franking machine is designed for small businesses and organizations that send 75 letters per day.


  • 40 letters per minute
  • 2.5kg integrated weighing scale
  • 25 accounts
  • 9.5mm thick envelopes (maximum)
  • Optional scales – 7, 12, 35kg
  • 5 job presets
  • Postage and meter reports
  • LAN connection

General Information

Like all Pitney Bowes franking machines, the DM160i has an integrated weighing scale. No need to be an expert with rates and classes because it will automatically weigh and calculate the correct postage for you. You can adjust the internal clock so that you can get ahead of tomorrow’s pile.

This machine is always connected to Pitney Bowes so downloading Royal Mail updates is a breeze. You will always have the correct rates for compliance purposes. You can also download messages and top up your credits in seconds. Some franking machines require you to have an analogue connection and that will require you to pay for dial up costs.

Accounting for your clients or departments is also quick and easy with this model. You can use INVIEW for that. It is a web-based reporting tool that allows you to do the following:

  • Review your postage expenditure over any given time
  • Extract information
  • Keep track of 100 accounts
  • Present simple graphical analysis
  • Cross charge between departments
  • Charge clients accurately
  • Monitor spending per department or account center
  • Identify trends
  • Identify potential areas to save

You can do all these and more with just one touch of a button.

Every marketer knows that first impressions are important. Pitney Bowes helps your marketing team develop one-of-a-kind letters and envelopes that give lasting impressions. Personalize your letters and turn them into revenue-generating tools.

Finish your tasks more easily with the preset buttons. Save your most commonly used functions and just press a button every time you use them. Although this only comes with a 2.5kg weighing scale, you have the option of getting the 35kg platform so you can process heavy items.

This model operates with very minimal noise so you can go on with your daily tasks without the annoying sound of a machine in the background.

You don’t need to hire a technician to install the DM160i. The pack includes very simple instructions that will guide you through everything you need to do in order to start franking. When you receive your machine, just plug it in and follow the simple user’s guide.

You don’t need special training for your staff to operate this equipment. Anyone in your organization can frank with ease. The interactive menus will guide you through each process that you need. Your machine is also PIN protected so that you can control usage.

Prices and Dealers

You have to ask a quote directly from Pitney Bowes for this model but it is also available from other suppliers who will offer you a different price. You can also choose from different packages. If you want to rent this model, you can do so starting at £29 per month. Whether you are renting or buying a new model, be sure to go to a Royal Mail approved supplier.

You will also acquire some running costs that include cartridges (around £69.95), labels (around £19.95) and service and support agreement (around £199 per year). Depending on your supplier, some give free services such as logo and return address, topping up your credits, Royal Mail updates and even installation.


This model is Energy Star compliant. It enters a low-power sleep mode when not in use for a period of time. This not only saves you a few pounds on your energy bill but also lengthens the life of your equipment.

Improve your cash flow with Postage Power that allows you to post now, pay later. You can get free credits up to 55 days. You can consolidate all your supplies and maintenance invoices into one monthly statement.

Process your letters and parcels in the convenience of your office. You will never waste time, energy and money again by going to and lining up at the post office. You can even ask Royal Mail to pick up your bulk mail and deliver free supplies to your doorstep.

Did you know that you can get discounts on your first and second class mails? As a Pitney Bowes customer, you can also use special services from the post office.

Investing in this system will not only help your mailroom. It will also help your sales and marketing by improving brand awareness which can win you new customers that will lead to growth.


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