If you are a big company that sends 500 or more letters per day, the Connect+1000 is for you.


  • 1200 dpi
  • 180 letters per minute
  • Standard 10.2” Color touchscreen; optional 15” XGA
  • 16 mm thick envelopes

General Information

Everyone who deals with mail in your organization will benefit from the Connect+1000.

You can choose from different weighing scales (5, to 35 kg) to ensure that all your packages can be weighed. You can also choose between a drop and power stacker.

You can monitor up to 50 accounts or departments in your company. If you need more, you can have as much as 2000 accounts. This ensures correct accounting across all accounts. You will be able to print reports and improve problem areas. You can pinpoint which areas you can save money as well.

This model comes with optional features:

  • Barcode scanner
  • External USB report printer
  • Differential weighing

It prints in the official blue and black and white and even in full color.

Common Problems

Most customers complain about connectivity issues. They can’t connect to the Pitney Bowes website. This involves just a simple process to fix. Some complain about error codes in their franking machine which they cannot understand. There is a guide in the Pitney Bowes website that lists the most common error codes. They also have a dedicated page for troubleshooting simple problems with their equipment.

Do not attempt to fix the system beyond what is listed in the website. Call customer service so that they can send an engineer or technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

Prices and Dealers

The price of this model is not published. You need to ask a quote from PB or any supplier of your choice directly. You can also use comparison websites to get the information that you need. To give you an idea, models of this calibre are usually priced around £9,000 and above.

Other costs that you need to prepare for are installation, service and maintenance, top up fees, Royal Mail updates, logo and return address and supplies such as ink and labels.


Mailroom managers, marketers, finance managers and anyone who has a stake in your company communications will benefit from this system.  Mailroom managers will enjoy the increase in efficiency and productivity in their department. The employees will enjoy the technology and ease of use of the system. Marketers can take advantage of the features of this machine to make their mail shots more attractive. Customers won’t be able to resist opening their letters. You can put personalized messages on the envelope. You can print special offers, coupons and anything that can make your letter stand out from the mailbox. Finance managers will enjoy the reporting features. Now, tracking mailing expenses per account is no longer a headache. You can print simple or in-depth reports. You can compare monthly expenditures and performances. Cash flow will be managed better. Realistic budgets can be set ahead of time.

You will also save money because of this equipment. You can get massive discounts from the post office for your first and second class letters and parcels. You can also access special services. You can get discounts from them too. Small businesses and even home based businesses have been enjoying these discounts. For a company as large as yours, you will definitely see an improvement in your cash flow the moment you use this equipment.

Your employees no longer have to go to the post office to send your mails. You can ask them to pick up your bulk mail in your office. You can also request for bags and trays to be delivered to you free of charge.

The Connect+1000 allows you to improve your processes, earn money and save on a lot of costs in your company.

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