If you send 300 or more letters per day, the IS-6000 is for you.


  • 260 letters per minute
  • Color touchscreen
  • Up to 20 mm thick envelopes
  • Auto label dispenser
  • 15 preset jobs
  • 8 standard ad slogans
  • Automatically prints mail class
  • Incoming mail date stamp
  • Adjustable sealer water flow
  • 500 departments – account reporting and control
  • neoFunds
  • neoCare
  • Permanent print head
  • Ultra high capacity ink tank
  • Low ink alert
  • View postage usage online

General Information

In today’s economy, it does not matter if you are a small or large corporation. You need to save money and make sure that your monthly cash flow is enough to meet all the needs of your company. That is why it is important to choose equipment and tools that will help you do just that. The IS-6000 meets the specific needs of your business. You can configure this system where you only purchase the parts, apps and options that you need. You eliminate overspending.

It features a new ink and printing technology that gives you maximum ROI. This model comes with a standard permanent print head that will last the life of the machine.

It features a 15-inch color touch screen. You can adjust it to your comfortable position. It has large buttons and descriptive prompts that make navigation simple.

You can choose from 30, 5, 10 or kg weighing scales that will allow you to weigh oversized mail, media and parcels. You can also process mixed mails quickly with the automatic mixed mail feeding system. You can process both envelopes and postcards.

Processing your letters and packages becomes more comfortable with the full keyboard. This system comes with its own ergonomic workstation so you can have a comfortable workspace to do your tasks. It has adjustable shelves to keep supplies organized. The dual locking doors provide security.

Common Problems

From time to time, it may be difficult to connect to your user account. This only requires some simple troubleshooting so there is no need to worry. If you experience major problems with your equipment, contact your provider. Do not open the machine or tinker with its parts as that can void your warranty.

Some customers also report problems with customer service and rental contracts. This is because some distributors add hidden charges to the contract. Avoid these additional charges by making sure that you understand everything in your contract. Pay extra attention to maintenance as that is the most expensive part. Be clear on who is going to pay for parts and repairs.

Prices and Dealers

This model is priced at £15,484 directly from Neopost. You also have to pay £1,331 for the annual total care service. You can get this from other distributors as well at different prices. You should inquire about free services and starter packs to maximize your investment. If you want to rent it, you can do so for £489 per month. You will be asked to sign a 5-year contract if you rent it directly from Neopost.


You get massive savings when you send your first and second class mails. Some special services are also discounted for franking customers.

You can ask the post office to pick up your mails from your place of business. You don’t have to waste time going there to prepare and send your letters. They can also deliver free supplies to you.

You are entitled to special apps and services from Neopost such as neoFunds and neoCare. You can access different reporting apps that suit your requirements.

With this system, you can be sure to control your costs while upping your productivity and efficiency.

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