If you send 300 or more letters per day, the IS-5000 is for you.


  • 260 letters per minute
  • Color touchscreen
  • Up to 20 mm thick envelopes
  • Auto label dispenser
  • 15 preset jobs
  • 8 standard ad slogans
  • Automatically prints mail class
  • Incoming mail date stamp
  • Adjustable sealer water flow
  • 500 departments – account reporting and control
  • neoFunds
  • Permanent print head
  • Ultra high capacity ink tank
  • Low ink alert
  • View postage usage online

General Information

Be ready to experience a new level of efficiency, productivity and operability with the IS-5000. This was designed in collaboration with real machine operators and high volume mail customers. It has a simple ergonomic design to maximize output. It gives users cost savings and reliable production so they get maximum uptime.

It features the internet connected iMeter and powerful software solutions for postal management. It can definitely meet the demands of your mailroom. Time critical deadlines are no longer a problem. You will get the job done in no time. This system was tested to 30M cycles to ensure that you get the best finely engineered equipment.

It features a high capacity envelope feeder. It reloads on the fly so the work gets done faster. You can add additional items while the machine is running. No need to stop the machine.

Forget about manual sorting. This model is capable of handling mixed mails. It can even handle different sizes and thickness up to 20mm. Postcards can also be franked.

The dynamic scale weighs, measures and automatically categorizes and rates letters and parcels. It can seal both open and close flap envelopes. The power conveyor stacker’s storage capacity ratio is in synch with the feeder.

There are 3 speed choices to choose from – 200, 230 or 260 letters per minute.

Common Problems

One of the most common complaints is the difficulty to connect to Neopost but this only involves some simple troubleshooting steps. If you experience breakdown in your system, better call the experts. Do not attempt to fix the machine yourself.

Some customers complain about customer service and their rental contracts. Some charges are not explained to customers well so they get surprised when their monthly bill comes. To be safe, review the contract before signing and ask your supplier to explain anything that you don’t understand.

Prices and Dealers

This model is priced at £13,920 directly from Neopost. You also have to pay £1,215 for the annual total care service. You can get this from other distributors. They all differ in prices. You can also inquire about free services and starter packs. If you want to rent it, you can do so for £441 per month. You will be asked to sign a 5-year contract if you rent directly from Neopost.


Franking customers are given huge discounts by Royal Mail. There is no minimum number of items to send to get the discount. Since you will be sending a lot of items daily, you will definitely see an improvement in your cash flow. Both first and second class mails are discounted as well as other special services. Just be sure to get your equipment from a Royal Mail approved distributor.

You also don’t have to go to the post office. You can ask them to pick up your bulk mail and deliver free supplies to your doorstep.

You get to access a lot of apps and services from Neopost that will make your tasks simpler and easier. You can avail of neoFunds and neoCare. You can view simple and complex reports that help you make better decisions, spot trends and see problem areas in your company.

If you want to see results and get the job done in your company, invest in this equipment and you can be sure to see them.

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