The Neopost IS-330 is designed for small business use.


  • 30 letters per minute
  • Up to 9.5 mm thick envelopes
  • Landscape and portrait orientation
  • 9 job imprints
  • 8 standard ad slogans with 2 open
  • PIN
  • Incoming mail date stamp
  • 10 departments – account reporting and control
  • Low ink email alert
  • Remote diagnostics
  • 13 months data archiving
  • Monthly postage usage

General Information

The IS-330 is a professional franking system that makes preparing mails easy. It is easy to operate and has a whisper-quiet operation. It is designed to fit into your office environment smoothly and process letters efficiently.

This model features state-of-the-art technology so you are sure that you have the best solution to meet your postal requirements. Combine that with myneopost online services and you can be sure to make light work of what used to be a daunting task.

The Smart Start technology makes the machine automatically boot so it is always ready to process your mail after you finish another. As soon as you remove an item from the weighing scale, it gets ready again to start working on the next item. You don’t have to press any buttons to start on a new letter.

With this machine, rate guides are a thing of the past. The Rate Wizard will do all the simple and complex calculations for you. It also downloads the latest postal changes so you always have the correct rates.

You can use your machine to turn your letters into attractive and professional looking advertisements. Enhance your campaigns with printed slogans. Reinforce your message to your customers.

Save time by eliminating the buttons that you need to press with the rate shortcuts menu. You will manage your small or large packages with ease.


Common Problems

The usual problems with Neopost franking machines are fake ink, customer service and rental agreements. If you experience any trouble with your equipment, do not try to repair it yourself. You might make more harm than good. You might also void your warranty. Contact Neopost or your supplier for repairs and troubleshooting. Also, the official franking ink is now blue.

Prices and Dealers

Neopost sells the IS-330 for £2,365 plus £476 for the annual service fee. You can also rent it for £98 per month. You will be tied to a 5-year contract if you do so.

There are other distributors of this model. Just be sure to find a Royal Mail approved one so you can enjoy the benefits of franking.

Compare prices, packages and even free items. Be sure to read your contract carefully and ask about extra or hidden charges.


Myneopost allows you to track, monitor and control your postal expenses online. You can also monitor mail classes, postage activities and department usage.

Because of the standard LAN connection, your equipment can connect to almost any network automatically. You can upload stats, get updates, recredit your system or upgrade it. You will save time and increase your efficiency. It will run securely in your internal network so there’s no need to look for an analogue connection.

You get special discounts from the post office for your properly franked letters and parcels. Both first and second class letters are heavily discounted. Some special services are also discounted for their franking customers.

Because you are doing everything in-house, you save time and money commuting to the post office. If you have bulk mail, you can ask them to pick up your items from your office. You can also request for free supplies.

This machine will truly improve your processes, your marketing campaigns and your cash flow.

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