Neopost is a trusted name not only in the franking machine industry but in mailroom solutions. They are well-known in UK and in 90 countries around the world. Neopost has over 800,000 customers all over the world.

Neopost prides itself as being a partner in design and support solutions of different companies in different industries. As a franking machine supplier, clients can be sure that their mailroom works faster and more efficiently. Clients will also benefit from cheaper mailing costs. Neopost provides services and solutions that will help clients communicate with their own clients effectively.

Neopost franking machines offer clients cost savings, improved productivity, streamlined process management and effective communications. Both small and large businesses whether in the public or private sectors can benefit from  the easy to use machines. They are ergonomically designed and user-friendly. Some models have large color touch screens and advanced features to make processing mail more convenient for you. These franking machines can also be easily connected to the Internet to download rate changes and software updates, system diagnostics and feature upgrades.

With a complete range of franking machines to choose from, Neopost machines are simple, effective and accurate.  Your mails are processed quickly with productive features such as automatic mail feeding and dynamic scales. You can also add your company logo or a customized message for that personalized touch. By using franked mail, you optimize your mail management and cost control. You are also given the convenience of ordering supplies online.

Neopost franking machines can be customized according to a company’s specific needs, for example with different kinds of weighing platforms, scales, stackers and even label dispensers. This feature allows you to increase your operational efficiency.

Franking Machines

Neopost franking machines are divided into 3 categories.

15-100 Items per Day

The franking machines in this line are IS240, IS280, IS330 and IS350. The franking machines in this line are for up and coming businesses and established small businesses. All designs are compact and work quietly. They are very easy to use. They all have integrated weighing scales that weigh and calculate the exact postage for your mails. The higher models, IS330 and IS350 are capable of processing mixed mail. You can also gain access to myneopost, a list of online services with all these machines.

These franking machines have high quality digital printers, PIN protected access and customized slogans. You can monitor your postage spending with these machines. Prices start at £1,030 and go up to £3,225 plus additional charges for annual care services. You can also lease these machines starting at £41 to £123 per month.

100-200 Items per Day

The franking machines in this range include the IS420, IS440 and IS480. The franking machines in this category have a Rate Wizard that stores all rate information from Royal Mail so you don’t need to be a rate expert. They are capable of processing mixed mails. They are powerful easy-to-use machines that operate quietly.

The machines have speeds of 65, 95 and 150 letters per minute respectively. All of them are PIN protected. The IS420 and IS440 can keep track of up to 25 departments while the IS480 can keep track of up to 50 departments. They all have 8 standard slogans with 2 slots open for your customized messages.

Prices start at £4,846 and go up to £9,950 plus additional charges for annual care. You can also lease these machines starting at £174 to £334 monthly.

300 or more Items per Day

There are 2 franking machines in this category – IS5000 and IS6000. These machines have been ergonomically engineered to boost the performance of your mailroom. Both machines have high capacity envelope feeders. The dynamic scale rapidly weighs, measures and categorizes your mails. Both machines can process mixed mails and can handle envelopes up to 20mm thick. They also have power stackers.

You can choose from 3, 5 or 10 kg weighing scale capacity. The IS6000 has 3 speed choices – 200, 230, 260. It also boasts a 15-inch touchscreen.  Both screens in the IS5000 and IS6000 are adjustable. The IS6000 also has a full QWERTY keyboard.  Both models have ergonomic workstations so you can stay comfortable while working and quickly finish your work. By availing any of these machines, you get access to a lot apps and services that make your load lighter and mail processing more convenient.

Prices start at £13,920 to £15,484 plus additional charges for annual care. You can lease the machines at £441 and £489 monthly.

Live Demo

As part of the sales process, Neopost offers clients the opportunity to view their franking machines in action at their UK headquarters located in Romford, Essex. This will ensure that customers get the right franking machines for their requirements. This working environment can demonstrate the franking machines to their full potential. Customers will be able to see just how well Neopost franking machines can perform under the pressures of a very demanding working environment.

Neopost is Royal Mail approved so you can be sure that your franking machine complies with the standards set by Royal Mail. You can also avail of discounts for your franked mail. This partnership also gives you access to special services with special rates from Royal Mail. Neopost is truly a leader in the franking machine industry.

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