Most businesses have this wrong idea that a franking machine is expensive. Some small businesses are scared to make the switch from stamping to posting because they think they won’t be able to afford it. This kind of thinking will only a hinder a company from gaining success. There are so many benefits that this equipment brings to a company that it is impossible for anyone not to be convinced to make the switch. In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss the benefits of a franking machine and the available low cost options in the market.
A franking machine automates what used to be a tedious process. How long does it take for you to go to the post office, fall in line, get stamps and process your mail? Now imagine having your own machine in your office. You just place the mail on top of the weighing scale, press a button and voila, your letter is processed in a second. How many letters do you send per day? 10? 100? How long does it take you to process 100 letters in the post office using traditional stamps? With a franking system, 100 letters can be done in just a few minutes.
Make your envelopes look professional by printing your own company logo, return address and customized message. Ordering envelopes from a print shop can be expensive. With a franking machine, you can print only when you need them. You won’t be left with a pile of useless envelopes should you decide to change your logo. Images also get people’s attention so you can be sure that your clients and prospective customers will take a second look at your letter.
Turn your mail into personalized marketing tools by printing a promo, an ad or any message that you want. Your targeted mail will surely be opened because your customers know that they will benefit from it.
This is probably the main reason why you should switch to franking – huge discounts from Royal Mail. You can save up to 22% of your postal expenses when you send a properly franked letter. First and second class letters get a discount. You will also have special access to discounted special services. There is no minimum number of letters and parcels to send. Even if you just send one, you get a discount. Imagine the savings you can get if you send even just 10 letters a day. This savings can go towards a new investment, expansion or more products or raw materials.
Finally, you get enhanced security. Most (if not all) franking machines are PIN protected. You can control who uses your machine and keep track of your expenses. Most models also generate reports per account so you get to see your costs when you need to.
There are other benefits to owning a franking system. You just have to find them out for yourself when you decide to purchase or rent one.
Low Cost Franking Machines

Here are several models from different brands.
Mailbase Lite
Mailbase Lite is manufactured by Mailcoms. It is a fully loaded digital postal system that supports all your mailing needs. It has a semi-automatic envelope feeder and a built-in scale. It is flexible enough for large volume mailings from time to time. You can track postage expenses for all your accounts. You can easily manage a diverse customer base. It assures the best mail handling performance for your demanding business.
The price of this model is not widely advertised but you can request a free quote from Mailcoms. Running costs include ink at £80 and labels at £17. Service and support is free on the first year and costs £179 per annum thereafter.
The IS-280 is manufactured by Neopost.  It can process 20 letters per minute. It has a sleek and compact design. It has a high quality digital printer that gives clean impressions. You can use envelopes up to 8mm thick. For bigger envelopes, use self-adhesive labels. It also has a 2kg weighing platform.
You can store everyday postal rates and some international rates in the system for easy access. It has a default rate setting to eliminate mis-posting. It is PIN protected.
This model is priced around £1,250 depending on the supplier. Ink cartridges cost £80. Labels cost 20. Service and Support costs £159 per annum.
The DM50 is from Pitney Bowes. It comes with an integrated 2kg scale so you can weigh your letters and parcels instantly. You can print promotional messages and a return address on your envelopes. You can update your machine via USB PC Connection or through an analogue phone line. It also has a sleek design so you can fit it in any small office. The high quality printer gives crisp impressions. You can use 8mm thick envelopes.
Store everyday postal rates in the system for quick access. It can also store international rates. The built-in SMART Meter allows you to reclaim VAT. This model is also PIN-protected.
This unit costs around £1,000. Running costs include ink (£40) and labels (£17). Service and support costs £149.
MyMail is the brain child of Francotyp-Postalia or FP. It is a postage meter with a fully integrated scale for small mail volumes. It has inkjet printing features. You can save up to 3 advertisements. It also has a company logo facility. It can handle A4 papers. It has 3 departmental accounts to track your postage expenditure.
It can store up to 10 of your frequently used postage settings. You can type 2 customized slogans. Download postage through the Teleset service.
The price of this unit is not widely advertised so you have to request a quote directly from the supplier.
Matrix F2 Lite
The Matrix F2 Lite is from Frama, another premier franking machine manufacturer. It makes light work of your daily mail processing. It is quiet but effective. You get interactive options to make your letters say so much more.
You don’t need to spend countless hours poring through manuals. You don’t even have to have a postal rate chart. The Matrix F2L will simply guide you through even the most complex postal processes. The result is you get the most cost effective prices possible.
This machine features a high quality digital printer. It can frank 10mm thick envelopes. It has a 2 kg scale. The 18 programmable one-touch keys allow you to select your most used functions easily. It has a built-in SMART Meter so you can process services that require VAT.
This model is also PIN code protected so your credits are safe. You will be able to control its usage thus improving your cash flow. It has default settings to eliminate mis-posting.
This model is a mid-level equipment so you can expect to pay around £3,000 but the price still depends on the supplier. Ink cartridges cost £80 while labels cost £17. Service and Support is £199 per annum.

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