A franking machine is a very important investment in any company so it is only wise that you get one from a reputable source. It is important that you purchase from a trusted brand as you will be guaranteed of its quality. Here are the leading franking machine companies.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is the number one supplier of franking machines in the whole world. Aside from franking machines, they also offer other mail room solutions and customer communication technologies. They have equipment, software and services to help any business function efficiently every single day. Pitney Bowes aims to provide companies with solutions that will help them develop long-term customer relationships which in turn lead to sales.

They have several popular models of franking machines ranging from home and small office use to large scale usage. Pitney Bowes franking machines are available for direct purchase or leasing. Pitney Bowes is Royal Mail approved.


Neopost is another reliable manufacturer of franking machines and other mail room equipment. It is one of the leading brands when it comes to mail room solutions. These solutions facilitate outgoing and incoming mail unlike other brands that focus only on outgoing mail. Neopost offers franking machines and folding, inserting and addressing machines. They also have solutions for address cleansing, tracking and tracing of parcels, letters and the supply chain. Services include maintenance, advisory and financial services. They also offer online services to keep up with the ever-changing needs of demanding customers.

The mail room of today is no longer the same as it was yesterday. There is more work and companies are met with more demands so they need to keep up. Neopost has this in mind and they have anticipated this major change by providing customers with new services and innovations. Neopost also keeps up with the needs of post offices and that is why they are Royal Mail approved.

Neopost is available in 90 countries and they have 29 countries as subsidiaries. They are ranked number 1 in Europe and second in the world when it comes to mail room solutions. 5,900 employees, 1,200 sales representatives and 500 R&D engineers all over the world make sure that you have the best equipment and solutions in your hands.


Frama UK Limited has been established in 1990. They operate nationwide with a staff of 40. Their employees along with a network of distributors and maintainers make sure to serve only the best products to their 11,000 customers.

According to their customers, they trust Frama because of their transparent pricing and excellent customer support. We all know that an excellent product is nothing without an excellent customer service backing it up. Frama products are also great value for money. They also have a high degree of professionalism and clients are not bombarded with high pressure selling. Product demonstrations are very informative and clients can definitely see how much technical expertise the Frama staff has.

One of the best services Frama offers is its pre and post sales service. Frama aims to provide you with worry-free products whether you are a small, start-up organization or a huge multinational firm. They have highly trained engineers that ensure that you receive the highest level of care. They also strive to ensure that their products are of high quality to avoid even the smallest distraction to your business. Frama is Royal Mail approved.


FP was established in 1923 and their products are manufactured in Birkenwerder, Germany which is near Berlin. It is a licensed distributor worldwide in 84 countries. Its UK operations have 16 dedicated sales franchises nationwide. FP is Royal Mail approved for distribution, manufacture, service and remote setting of mail room solutions. The teleset data center is based in the UK as well as their customer support center.

FP is capable of automated remote machine support. They offer free postage top-ups. They serve over a quarter of a million customers. They also have quarterly customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that they have the best level of customer service.

Make sure that you buy only the best franking machines in the market. Choose the perfect mail room solution from any of these companies.