The IS240 is neat and compact. It is perfect for a small mailroom will small output needs. It provides you with all the benefits you can expect from an entry level franking machine. It has a sleek exterior so space is not an issue.

The machine comes with all the latest rates from Royal Mail. You will have the exact price for each domestic and international service.

You can download postage with this machine whenever you need it and you can pay in arrears. With this feature, you can eliminate estimating your budget at the start of the month. You won’t run out of credits unexpectedly in the middle of the month. This remote crediting improves your cash flow.  You can download credits 24/7, 365 days a year.

The machine features shortcut keys so you lessen the time for processing mails. Just one touch of a button and you are all set. You can connect the IS240 to a LAN connection to download postal rate changes and software updates.

The IS240 features an integrated 2kg weighing scale. This is an accurate digital scale that eliminates over and understamping. The less errors you make, the faster you can get your mail out the door. You also don’t have to worry about extra charges associated with mail processing errors. Processing up to 20 letters per minute. It can handle 8mm thick envelopes as well. You’ll be done with your mail processing in no time. Think of all the time you save that you can invest in other areas of your business such as sales and marketing.

Speaking of advertising, you can also use the IS240 to customize your mails. There are 8 pre-loaded slogans that you can use for advertising. There are 2 slots available for customized messages for that personal touch.

Price and Dealers

The price depends on the supplier of the IS240; directly from Neopost, the IS-240 is priced at £1,030 plus an Annual Total Care Service Charge of £183. You can also rent this unit for a 5-year contract rental at £41 per month.


All IS240 users are guaranteed a discount on every piece of mail that they send through Royal Mail. 1st Class letters get a 16p savings while 2nd Class letters get 19p. Just by using this franking machine, you can save up to 38% on your mailing costs.

You also no longer have to queue in the post office to get stamps or process your mails there. Your credits are safely stored in your franking machine. You can top up your credits at the convenience of your office 24/7 using your phone or the Internet.

You can control your cash flow and your postage budget using a franking machine. You also don’t have to leave the office as Royal Mail can pick up your franked mail. A franking machine will save you time, money and petrol or transportation costs.

The IS240 is the perfect companion of up and coming businesses that need productivity, efficiency and cash flow management in their mailroom.

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