The challenge of a large company that sends out bulk mail every day is to keep costs down. A good way to maintain your budget is by using a franking machine. Here are hig- volume franking machines that can keep up with your demands.


The DM400c franking machine will help you work as efficiently as possible. Your mailing room will be more productive with its simplicity and advanced capabilities.

This machine is powered by the IntelliLink technology that allows you to gain access to a multitude of online services such as software updates, credit refills, logo and slogan downloads and a whole suite of other services.

All the controls can be easily seen on the easy-to-use control panel that comes with user-friendly instructions. You can also save your most frequently used jobs.

It has features such as auto-dating and incoming mail stamping. You can seal and frank your mails at the same time. For larger mails, you can use the adhesive tape strips.

The machine comes with a standard 5kg weighing platform but you can get scales at 7, 12 or 35kg. You can also process mixed mail with this machine. You can manage up to 25 of your accounts with reporting.

You can print a return address or a special message on your envelopes making your mail an impressive piece of advertising. You also get access to special services from Royal Mail by using this machine.


This machine is capable of mixed mail processing. It has a clear color display that is easy to use and comes with easy-to-understand instructions. This machine also uses the IntelliLink technology that allows you to download updates faster and buy credits online. It is also capable of printing accounting reports to keep track of your expenses.

You can save up to 10 of your most commonly used jobs. This machine comes with a QWERTY keyboard to make working easier. It also comes with 10 standard envelope ads. You can download more to turn your mails into advertising pieces.


This is another machine that is powered by the IntelliLink technology. It comes with a QWERTY keyboard and a single control panel that is easy to use. It can process mixed mail and you have the option to get up to a 35kg weighing platform. It automatically feeds, seals, franks and stacks mail.

With this machine, you no longer have to deal with paper jams or torn envelopes. You can save up to 10 jobs. It also comes with automatic advertising. You can save up to 300 accounts with the DM500 franking machine.


The Connect+ series is an award-winning line of franking machines. It is capable of turning your mails into a powerful advertising piece as it prints relevant colourful messages onto your envelopes. You can also change your message easily to keep up with your marketing campaigns. You no longer have the need for pre-printed envelopes. You can make them as you need them.

This machine comes with a suite of applications to make your every day work easier. The Connect with PB function allows you to chat to a Pitney Bowes operator easily when you have inquiries. You can buy supplies directly from your machine when you are low on ink.

You can locate an address or postal code using the Royal Mail app. You can also track your shipments using your machine. You can also send your parcels using the cheapest tariff. You can receive special offers and the latest news in the industry with this machine.


The IntelliLink technology also powers this franking machine. There is no training involved with this machine as you can quickly connect to a set of user-friendly instructions. It is Royal Mail compliant and gives you access to Royal Mail’s special services.

You can process mixed mails quickly. It has a whole range of productivity features. You can also refill your credits easily by just one touch of a button.


The Centormail comes with a static scale and label dispenser. It has a vertical feeder that allows processing of mixed mails. You can load 300 envelopes at once into the Centormail. It has an automatic power sealer. It can process up to 60 letters per minute. After processing, it neatly stacks all finished envelopes.

You can also review your mailing expenses through its accounts reporting feature. You can download updates and rate changes through FPConnect.

Choose any one of these machines and you will surely enjoy the benefits of saving money, time and energy. Boost your mailing room’s efficiency and productivity without sacrificing quality.


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