Small businesses nowadays need the resources that are available to large corporations at a fraction of the price. Gadgets, equipment, software and technology are all important to make the small business grow and survive in the industry. Good thing manufacturers are producing devices and technology geared towards small companies. A franking machine is one of them.

What is a franking machine?

A franking machine is a device that allows you to process your mails in the convenience of your home and office. It will weigh your letters and calculate the exact rate. You don’t need to use stamps anymore.

Can I purchase one for the office?

Yes. You can actually buy, rent or lease one depending on your budget.

Can I still benefit from it even though I only send 20 letters per day?

Yes, definitely. There are entry-level models that are perfect for small businesses such as yours. They have all the basic features that you will need to process your mails.

How much is a franking machine?

It all depends on the brand and the model. There are small-volume equipments that start at £1,000. The prices go up as the capacity of the machine goes up. The price also depends on the dealer. Some dealers will give you discounts and special packages. Some will even offer a start-up package that already includes free supplies such as an ink cartridge and labels.

Can I rent one?

Yes. Renting starts at only £20 per month. You can ask for 6 months, 1 year or even 5 years for a contract. You can also have a free 30-day trial depending on your supplier. If you are not sure about the model or you decide that this device is not for you, be sure to tell your supplier before the free trial period ends to avoid extra charges.

What are the top brands in the market?

The top franking system brands are Pitney Bowes, Neopost, Frama and FP. There are also other brands in the UK that deliver excellent equipment and services.

How do I know which model is right for me?

There are several factors to be considered before choosing a model. First, you must determine the volume of letters you send per day. Entry-level models can handle 20-100 letters per day. You should also consider your capital. How much are you willing to invest? Can you purchase a new equipment or will you just rent?

There are also other costs associated when purchasing a franking system such as service and support agreements, Royal Mail updates, top up fees, logo and return address and even supplies such as ink cartridges and labels.

You should also compare features of different models so that you can be sure to fully take advantage of them. No sense getting a model with all the bells and whistles if you are not going to use them.

What benefits do I get?

You get discounted rates from Royal Mail. First and second class mails are heavily discounted. There is no minimum number of letters and parcels to send but the more you send the more savings you get. You also get special discounts on other services.

Owning this device saves you time. You don’t have to line up at the post office. You can process your mails in-house and call up Royal Mail to pick them up. They can also deliver free supplies to you.

You can turn your boring old envelopes into attractive advertising pieces. You can print your company logo and targeted messages. Your customers will appreciate the personalized pieces in their mailbox.

You can finish processing your mail in no time. It will only take a few minutes to finish your daily workload.  You don’t need to hire someone to manually process them. You can just load the machine and it will do the rest. Common human errors are also eliminated because your process is now automated.

You can improve the productivity levels in your office allowing you and your employees to focus on projects that will make your business grow.


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