The Frama Matrix F6 is a high level ranking machine that is recommended for medium to large office use.


  • AF6 auto feeder with auto adjustment for letter thickness
  • 10 mm thick envelopes
  • 3 advertising messages
  • 3 customizable texts
  • 2 alternative cost allocation timeframes
  • 5500 letters per hour
  • Reports – settings, counter readings, Frama Online
  • 100 cost centres
  • Blocking of high value franking
  • Auto date setting
  • Incoming mail stamp with date
  • Postage scale interface
  • Built-in modem

General Information

The Matrix F6 can keep up with any medium or large organization. It will improve your mailroom’s productivity levels while keeping costs low.

This model is so easy to use. In fact, you don’t need to read user manuals. The machine will guide you step by step. Your machine comes fully programmed and ready so you can start tackling your pile of letters right away. ComTouch technology makes your life easier. Even if you are a first time franker, you can be sure not to get lost or confused in all those complex mail classes and combinations. You will always get the correct weight and postage every time you use the F6. You can save 30 of your most used jobs so you only need to touch one button every time you need them. You avoid making costly mistakes with this model.

Ink cartridges are easy to replace with the Plug and Play system. With FeedControl, you can be sure that your envelopes are printed in exactly the right place every time.

Common Problems

Do not open your equipment when you experience troubles. Contact Frama or your supplier so that your warranty will not be void. Simple paper jams can be easily fixed but for other problems, it is best to consult the experts.

Another problem with franking machines is the distribution of fake ink. Red used to be the official color but now it is blue so be wary of pink ink.

Prices and Dealers

Frama does not publish the prices of their equipment online but you can easily request for a quote. You can also inquire from other distributors. You should go to a Royal Mail approved distributor though to avail of their benefits and to get a license. To give you an idea of the cost, these models are usually priced around £5,000. Compare prices and special offers. Ask about starter kits and free items.

You can also rent this machine for around £90 per month. Aside from the rental or purchase price, you may also be asked to pay for an installation fee and annual maintenance fee. The yearly maintenance is required by the post office.

Other costs include ink cartridges, labels, Royal Mail updates that cost £50 each and credit top up fees starting from £50. Some suppliers charge you for logo and return address. Some let you top up your machine for free.


Since Frama is an approved distributor, you can be sure to get discounts on your first and second class letters and parcels. You can also access other special services and get discounts. If you send a lot of items per day, you can easily recoup your investment on this equipment.

Now you can prepare your mail shots and brochures in a flash and you will always send them on time. You can take advantage of special occasions to boost your sales.

You no longer have to line up at the post office and deal with messy stamps. You can prepare your items in the convenience of your office. You will only spend a few minutes each day on that task and then focus on more important things.

The Matrix F6 is a good investment for any organization looking to improve their cash flow and boost efficiency.

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