The Frama Matrix F2-L is a mid-volume franking machine that is recommended for small to medium office use.


  • 600 dpi HQ print mode
  • 10 mm thick envelopes
  • Side letter ejection
  • Auto printing of supplemental postal services (Air Mail, Express Post, Off Peak)
  • 900 letters per hour
  • 3 advertising stamps
  • 3 advertising messages
  • 2 self-programmable texts
  • 1 cost centres
  • Reports – receipt printout, meter and cost centre register details, meter settings
  • High franking amount blocking
  • Auto date setting
  • Incoming mail stamp
  • Built-in modem

General Information

This model boasts of superior print quality. It has a stylish design and comes in elegant colors perfect for any office setting. It is also simple to use. It is configured and ready to use. Anyone can use it right away because of its high grade effective intelligence. It features the patented ComTouch user platform that does all the hard work for you. No need for operating instructions and postage tables. It has 18 programmable mail class combinations that allow you to prepare simple and complex types of mailing all with just one touch of a button. The high quality printer makes your company logo or advertising message clear and crisp.

Changing ink cartridge is easy because of its plug and play capability.

The machine comes with a scale that automatically weighs and chooses the correct postage. It continuously obtains the latest rates from the Frama data centre so you know all your rates are up-to-date.

It handles all envelope shape and formats up to 10 mm thick.

Common Problems

As with other franking machines, customers should be wary of fake ink cartridges. Also, the post office has announced the change from red to blue ink so you might want to ask your supplier about that.

For errors in the system, you can contact Frama directly.

Prices and Dealers

Mid-level franking machines usually start at £3,000 depending on your supplier. You can get it from Frama directly or other approved distributors. They all differ in prices, charges and packages. Some distributors offer free starter packs and freebies.

You also have the option of renting this machine. Frama does not rent out their machines directly but you can find other suppliers that do. Other charges that you should prepare for are installation and yearly maintenance. Royal Mail requires that you have a yearly inspection.

Running costs include ink cartridges starting from £80, labels at £17, Royal Mail updates (£50 each) and credit top up fees from £50. Some suppliers give these for free. If you want to have your logo and return address printed on your envelopes, some suppliers charge a small fee. Other suppliers don’t charge this service at all. The service and support agreement starts at £199 yearly.


Preparing mailing items will never be a hassle again.  You can easily finish a pile in minutes. You also don’t have to memorize rates or make mistakes such as under or over posting. You don’t have to waste your time going to the post office and falling in line. You can ask them to pick up your finished letters and parcels. You can ask them for free supplies too.

All your letters and parcels are heavily discounted. You will clearly see the difference between traditional stamped items and your franked items. There is no minimum number of items to send to avail of the discount.

You will benefit tremendously from this system whether you send just a few letters per day or a few hundred.

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