If you are a small business looking to improve your mail room processes and save some money while doing it, here are the best franking machines for small businesses for you from the top franking machine brands. There will then be a detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of rental and purchase, followed by guidance on which route is most practical for the needs of your small business.


The Neopost IS280 is an award winning franking machine designed for the up and coming business. It is a compact franking machine that offers sophisticated features. You can top up your credits 24 hours a day in the convenience of your home or office. You no longer have to fall in line at the Post Office. You also get the correct postage every single time you use this machine.

This machine can process letters up to 8 mm thick. The weighing platform is 2kg. You can save up to 5 jobs in its memory. You can use a LAN or an analog connection to download updates. You can choose from 10 advertising slogans to make your mail better. It has PIN security, budget optimization and account reporting. Neopost is an approved Royal Mail supplier of franking machines.

Another ideal Neopost machine for small businesses is the Neopost IN-360. It is a slight step up from the IS280 but still perfect for small businesses. It comes with faster processing speeds, franking forty-five items per minute and can handle 10mm thick mail. You can have up to thirty accounts registered to it, so if your business is slowly growing, it can cater for the growth. It also comes with a number of add ons you can’t get with the IS280. You can get a barcode scanner with it, plus an external USB printer. Even with all these benefits it still sits comfortably in the low-price range, making it a serious contender for small businesses.

Pitney Bowes

If you say small business franking machine, the Pitney Bowes DM50/55 models are always on top of the list and for good reason. With these machines, you get savings, efficiency and convenience in one small package.

Pitney Bowes is Royal Mail approved so you can get discounts on each piece of mail that you send. The machine features a 2.5kg weighing scale that automatically calculates the exact postage. You can save up to 20% of your mailing costs with this machine. This machine is fitted with Pitney Bowes’ unique technology called IntelliLink. This allows you to automatically download rate changes and updates whenever they change. You no longer have to go to the post office to buy stamps. You can refill postage in one easy step in your office.

If you’re looking for a Pitney Bowes machine that packs slightly more of a punch, it is also worth considering the Pitney Bowes DM60 model. Whilst it has the same 2.5kg weighing scale, it also boasts a secure 4-digit security pin. Plus, you also have the ability to send a customizable envelope message on each item of mail, such as a company logo. This is perfect for increasing brand awareness and helps small business make an organised, professional first impression.


Frama offers small businesses the EcoMail franking machine. This machine is so easy to use. You can access every function on the large touchscreen. You can also place advertising messages on your letters. The EcoMail is classified as a SMART meter by Royal Mail. This means you can frank postage with VAT.

This machine can process up to 20 letters per minute and has a 2kg scale. It can handle 8mm thick envelopes. It has 2 cost centers. Frama is also a Royal Mail approved supplier.

If you’re a small business with slightly greater franking requirements, then it is worth investigating the Frama Matrix F22. It can frank up to a hundred items per day, more than other similar priced models. It is home to a 5kg scale and allows up to ten different accounts to be registered. It is slightly more expensive than the EcoMail machine, but you get more for your money, and the price is still modest, making it ideal for small businesses. If you want something more than the bare minimum you get with the EcoMail, then the Matrix F22 may well be the machine you need.


The FP mymail franking machine is a simple but clever machine for small businesses. This machine is small and compact, perfect for a small office. It has a space-saving letter scale that automatically calculates the exact postage. You can also use mymail to advertise your brand on every letter that you send. You can add important messages with an SMS format. The screen and keypad are very user-friendly. As for downloading credits, you can do that with a touch of a button. This machine has 3 accounts facilities, 3 adverts and 10 postage settings. FP is Royal Mail approved.

Another worthy FP contender perfect for small businesses, is the FP PostBase Mini. As a small business you want reliability and ease of use. The PostBase Mini does just that. It doesn’t come with a host of features, but is straightforward to use. That’s why it scored extremely high in reviews for ‘ease of use’. When a business is small or starting up, it needs a dependable machine. Because the PostBase Mini is basic (having less features than other models), it runs smoothly and efficiently. It still has a touch screen display and allows you ten advertisable images. Plus, it can still process up to fifteen items per minute and frank up to thirty items a day. You just won’t need to worry about it breaking frequently.

Purchasing vs Renting

As a small business it’s important to establish whether renting a machine, or purchasing a machine will be best for your business and your mailing requirements. It is not a straightforward decision as both options come with benefits and drawbacks. For a small or new business, renting a machine is often the most cost effective, practical option. But the advantages and disadvantages of both are outlined below.

Should you buy?

The advantage to purchasing a franking machine will be that, although it seems expensive to spend thousands of pounds on a machine when your business is small, in the long run you will have spent less on the machine than if you had leased it. You could even think of the machine as an investment and an asset to add to the value of your company. You are also free to sell the machine and buy a new one whenever you desire.

If you buy the machine you don’t have the stress of one more bill each month that needs paying. In addition, if you are in a contract, you will have to pay a termination fee to end the contract early. As a small business, if you have a generous amount of capital, it could well be the right decision to buy a machine outright.

Should you rent?

Many small business opt for renting a franking machine, and for good reason. You don’t need any capital to lease a machine, you could have a machine fitted in your office, up and running in less than a couple of weeks, for less than £20 a month.

Leasing a machine also offers you a degree of flexibility that purchasing doesn’t. This is because when your contract ends, typically after several years, you can upgrade your machine at a minimal cost, to a modern equivalent, and to one that better meets your growing franking needs.

The other advantage of renting a machine is that the service and maintenance costs are usually included in the contract. If you buy a machine you’re looking at spending an additional £80-£100 a year on servicing and maintaining it.

Renting a machine is often the most practical and affordable choice for small businesses. It doesn’t require serious cash to start with. You have some flexibility to upgrade your machine if your franking needs change. Plus you’re on-going costs to maintain the machine will be lower. However, if you can afford to purchase a machine and are confident that you’re franking needs won’t change too drastically, then buying the machine outright may be the most cost-effective route to go down.

What next?

You definitely won’t go wrong with any of these top franking machines. These machines are also available on a 30 day free trial for you to ensure that they are perfect for your business. To compare prices simply fill out the form above and we will be in contact with the best deals

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