Did you know that a franking machine is the best way to save money when sending a small parcel up to 1 kg? It is cheaper than using traditional stamps or other courier services. In this article, let’s discuss the best franking machines to handle your small parcels. We will also give you a lot of useful information when sending parcels.
What is a small parcel?
A small parcel should have a maximum weight of 2 kg. Its maximum length is 45 cm. The maximum width is 35 cm and the maximum thickness is 8 cm. These are the standard measurements set by Royal Mail.
To be sure of the measurements, visit Royal Mail’s shop to buy boxes.
What kind of franking machine can I use to send small parcels?
You can use any kind of franking machine to send small parcels as long as it has at least a 2 kg scale. There are many affordable options in the market. Here are a few them.
This model features a 2 kg integrated scale. The digital scale can accurately calculate postal rates. You can just place your small parcel on top of the scale and you will have all the information you need in a few seconds. This model costs around £1,030.
This is another entry-level franking machine from Neopost. It also comes with a 2kg digital weighing scale. It is loaded with all Royal Mail domestic rates. Shortcut keys make it quick and easy to use. You can save your most used functions and press just one button. Processing mail has never been easier.
This model costs around £1,250.
Pitney Bowes
This is a digital SMART franking machine that allows users to weigh their letters and parcels, calculate the exact postage cost and frank at a touch of a button.
It can handle items weighing up to 2.5kg. This is good for sending 20 letters or parcels per day. It costs around £1,070.
You can be sure to pay the exact postage on every piece of mail that you send with the DM55. It comes with an integrated 2.5kg weighing scale. This model is priced around £1,300.
You can enter weight manually if you choose to do so. You can also handle up to 10 accounts with this machine.
Mymail franking machine
Mymail comes with integrated scales to process letters and parcels quickly. It can weigh items up to 2kg.  You can save your most used jobs in the one touch keys. You can save up to 10. FP does not advertise its prices. You need to ask a quote directly from them or other accredited suppliers.
Mailbase Lite
The Mailbase Lite can process up to 50 items per day. It comes with a built-in scale and semi-automatic envelope feeder. It is fully loaded with all the latest postal rates. This model is also great for small businesses.
The price is not widely advertised so you need to request for a quote from Mailcoms or other accredited suppliers.
How to process your small parcel
There are 3 steps – wrap your item, pack it and then frank it correctly. Your franking label should include the name of the recipient, the complete address and all the information Royal Mail needs to quickly process it.
Packing Tips
Select packaging that best protects the contents of your box. The packaging material should protect your item from damage. It should also be fastened securely to avoid being undone while in transit. Use a fragile sticker when necessary.
Be practical and smart when choosing materials for protection. Bubble wrap is probably your better choice compared to polystyrene balls and paper. It is very efficient. If you are concerned about the environment, there are a lot of options being manufactured now that are environment-friendly to protect your valuables.
If you are sending a sturdy item, you might want to lessen your packaging so that you can save money. But, if the item you are sending is very fragile, don’t be cheap with the protection. You need it to be sure your item gets to its destination in one piece. It is more expensive to replace and resend a damaged item.
Don’t forget to place a postcode and a return address so that your mail can be returned to you in case of sending or delivery problems.
What’s the best way to send my parcel?
There are many ways to send your parcel but Royal Mail is still your best bet. They still provide the best service with 99% next day Guaranteed delivery. They have a dedicated delivery service so your mails are guaranteed to go through the quickest routes possible. Less time in transit means less chances of breakage.
You will also be able to track your parcels online, giving you peace of mind.
What parcel services do Royal Mail offer?
There are 3 services you can choose from:
•    Guaranteed
•    Confirmed
•    Standard
Guaranteed is a timed next day delivery that comes with full tracking features. Confirmed allows you to have a proof of delivery so you get extra peace of mind. Standard is a reliable delivery option that is perfect for your non-valuable items.
What about cylinder or rolled packages?
For cylinder shaped or rolled items, there is a special measurement limit. The length of the item plus the diameter times two must not exceed 104 cm. The greatest dimension should be no more than 90 cm. If your cylindrical or rolled package is just 45 cm long, is 8 cm in diameter and does not exceed 2 kg, you can send it as a small parcel.
Large Parcels
These are boxes exceeding the measurements mentioned above. You need to send these via Parcelforce Worldwide. The weight limit is 30 kg.
International Parcels
If you are sending international mail you should check out the size and weight restrictions for sending items to countries outside the UK.
Prohibited Goods
Before sending your parcels, you should see if it has any restrictions or if it is allowed to be sent. Aerosols and alcoholic beverages usually have restrictions especially for international mails. Batteries also have restrictions. You should not send financial documents. You should also review the list if you are sending out cosmetics. Other items that need reviewing are plants and other living creatures and food. Prohibited items include dangerous items.
To get the best franking machine prices, simply fill out the form above to receive 3 suitable quotations.
If you send at least 30 parcels per day, you can be sure to reap the rewards of using a franking machine faster.

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