When you decide to purchase or rent a franking machine, you will already be saving money on your postage costs. The discounts that Royal Mail give to franking customers make the investment worth it. You can save around 22% on first class letters and parcels. For second class mails, you can save about 38% on your normal postal costs. Aside from that, you can avail of special services with discounted prices. To get more information on franking machine deals simply fill out the form above, to receive up to 3 bespoke quotations for your needs.
How to Find Franking Machine Deals

The offer will depend on the franking machine model that you want. Some suppliers offer promos on their entry-level machines. Some will only have special offers on their high level equipment but not every supplier will offer you a good deal. The one thing that you should keep in mind when shopping around for a supplier is that they should be accredited by Royal Mail. There is a list available in their website. It covers the whole UK.
How Much Do Franking Machines Cost?

Again, the price varies according to the volume it can handle, its speed and the brand. Most entry-level  units start at £995. The ones equipped with the latest technology and are high volume can cost well over £15,000.
Other features that can affect the price include envelope handling capabilities, departmental accounting and expandable memory.
How Much to Rent One?

You can rent one of the basic models for only £20 per month. The high volume devices can cost a few hundred pounds. If you need a high level machine, it is recommended that you purchase a brand new device rather than rent one. This is because it is cheaper in the long run.
Free Trials

Most companies offer a free trial period for their products. One popular offer is from Neopost. You can try their award winning small business franking machines for 30 days. Other companies offer a shorter trial period but the maximum offer is 30 days. After the trial ends, your rental agreement will start. If you do not wish to continue using the machine given to you, tell your supplier before the free trial period ends so that you avoid extra charges for cancelling your contract.
Both customers and manufacturers benefit from this free trial promo. They can introduce a new range of products to their customers and get input from them. On the other hand, customers can try out the latest technology in franking machines.
Rental fees are usually all-in meaning they include maintenance and other charges already. Another great thing about renting is if the machine breaks down, the supplier will simply replace it. You don’t need to go through a lot of trouble just to get your equipment fixed.
What About Used Franking Machines?

The big 4 in the franking machine market in the UK also offer their used high quality machines for sale. You can choose a discounted entry-level device from Pitney Bowes, Neopost, FP or Frama for only £495. That’s half off the original price. Mid-level devices can be purchased at only £795. That’s a huge savings considering the fact that a brand new unit costs over three thousand pounds. Your contract usually includes a 5-year comprehensive warranty coverage and one year of free servicing. These charges are already included in your purchase price.
For higher end models, you can get one at around £1,895. This has a printing speed of 160 letters per minute and an automatic thickness adjustment. This is excellent value for your money as a brand new equipment costs over £11,000. This also includes a 5-year warranty and a 1-year maintenance contract.

Other Special Deals

Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes also offers free trial on their entry level machine, the DM50. They also offer discounts and free items or services from time to time. They regularly post these offers on their website.
As mentioned above, Neopost offers their award-winning entry-level franking machines on a free trial basis. They also offer discounts.
The good thing about Frama is that they offer discounted packages without hidden charges. Some suppliers advertise a discounted price but when you inquire about contract, a lot of extra charges suddenly come up.
FP itself does not advertise any special offers on their website but other vendors do have special deals.
Most vendors charge their customers for every top up they make. IMS is different. If you get a franking machine from them, they will give you free top ups for each month of the year. That’s 12 free top ups yearly!
You can also order supplies from them. You get £10 off on your first order of £50 worth of supplies.
Mailcoms also has special deals every now and then so customers can just check out their website.
FMC Limited
You can get their franking machines for as low as £14.99 per month. Here are more deals to choose from:
•    TM125 – £14.99 for a 6-year contract
•    TM125 – £27.99 for a 3-year contract
•    TM125 – £38.99  for a 1-year contract
The Franking Machine Warehouse
The Franking Machine Warehouse is powered by Mailcoms Ltd. It is a great shop for all the best deals in franking systems. They also don’t employ the selling tactics of sales people. They don’t pay commissions resulting to a better price. Their current offer is free logo designer.
Benefits of Franking

The benefits of franking are not limited to discounts. By using a machine to process your mails, you eliminate human errors that can be costly. Processing mistakes such as mis-posting can cost you a lot of money and that can hurt your cash flow.
You can also save time because you don’t need to fall in line at the post office. You can easily process your letters and parcels in the convenience of your home or office. You can finish even a thousand letters in half the time. You will have more time to do other things to improve your business.
You also have the added bonus of security. You don’t have to worry about staff using your company stamp supplies for their personal mails. Franking systems are PIN code protected so you can control who uses your credits.
These systems also come with departmental accounting. You can keep track of expenses per client or department. You can see if a department is performing well or if they are just wasting company resources. You can adjust your budget accordingly. Some machines also have online access to reporting. You can generate comprehensive reports to help you with your planning.
As franking gains more popularity, you can be sure to expect a lot of better deals from different vendors.

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