The Optimail 35 is from one of the most trusted names in the franking machine industry, Francotyp Postalia. This machine is built for the modern day mail room franking standards. It is designed to save space but allows for small to medium mail volume processing. It comes in silver and can easily blend in with your office environment. This machine can frank a wide variety of mailing products.

The Optimail 35 can print 35 letters per minute and can process up to 100 letters per day.

It prints out high quality smudge-proof text and images that may include your company information and advertisements. If you don’t have a need for the advert, you can print a text message up to five lines (with 20 characters per line) instead. This machine uses quality affordable ink so you get the most mileage out of its ink cassette ribbon.

The Optimail 35 is fitted with a SMART meter so you can comply with VAT accounting for your mails. It can also handle multiple cost accounts. You can use it to stamp your incoming mail with the day’s date.

The Optimail 35 is highly advanced but is very user-friendly. All you need are a few button touches and you can get the job done. It features a big, backlit display that has all the information you need to start working.

You can reload your postage online 24/7 almost instantly. This machine uses a chip card reader so you can use your card to load new advertising slogans. You can also access your cost centers quickly and securely.

This machine warns you of high or low postage. It comes with a few optional accessories such as an envelope sealer and an accounting software.


Francotyp Postalia is Royal Mail approved and that means that the Optmail 35 is eligible for Royal Mail discounts. If you use this machine, you can save up to 32% of your postage costs. There is no minimum number of letters to send as long as you properly frank your letters and adhere to Royal Mail standards. The more letters you send, the more you save. You can save on first and second class mails and have access to Royal Mail’s special services.


Both the rental and purchase prices of the Optimail 35 are not widely advertised because different suppliers have different prices. The services that come with it and the supplies also differ from one supplier to the next so it is a good idea to compare prices. Simply fill out the form above to get started with your requirements and receive 3 franking machine quotations according to your needs.

The Optimail 35 is a great way to start saving money in your mail room.

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